Meridian Apodizing Firmware Update

The release of the unofficial apodizing firmware update for Meridian legacy products on the Meridian Unplugged forum (aka HitchHikers forum) has caused quite some commotion. Meridian reacted very defensive and forum members called their response childish and arrogant. As a result of Meridians response the forum admin embarked censorship on discussion of the apodizing firmware update and negative remarks towards Meridian. Also the download link for the firmware update tool was removed as well as several posts in the below mentioned threads.

Read everything for yourself using the following links:
Wikipage: Apodising Firmware Update (Unofficial)
Thread: Apodising Firmware Update (Unofficial)
Thread: Message from Meridian concerning Firmware (including Supplementary update)

The original requirements state that you have to download all firmwares using the Meridian setup utility. This was done as courtesy to Meridian to obfuscate how the update tool exactly works. Just before posting their response on the forum Meridian has pulled all firmwares from their site and customers now have to go through a Premium Partner to obtain them. Obtaining all firmwares is much more difficult now and also not necessary. If you had not already guessed it, the update tool only needs the firmware for the DSP5200.

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