New software for Roomplayer released

We have been waiting a long time for this, and it has finally arrived: new software and firmware for the Simple Audio Roomplayer. It has been announced as completely new and even better than Sonos. Unfortunately, the reality is different. I would even say, do not download and install this junk. My god, what were they thinking??? Who has been working on this? Clearly the developer does not have any feeling with this product, nor does he use it himself on a daily basis, otherwise he would not have ruined it like this.

OK, so what is going on? First of all the desktop app is not new, it is the same old app with a different color scheme and different screen layout. That is it. And how did they solve the problems with UPnP? Yes, by just deleting UPnP support completely from both the app and the Roomplayer! Excuse me!? I have optimized my whole music collection to work in perfect harmony with my server, and now I can not access it anymore? Oh wait, the have a solution for accessing network drives: they moved the library manager from the desktop app to the Roomplayer and now the Roomplayer reads the files directly using SMB from your server. First of all indexing my small collection of only 4600 tracks took around half an hour, my server does it in less than 2 minutes. Also it is one big mess now. Not a single cover art, and it does not distinguish between album artist and track artist. And now we also have the same awful playlist system that NAD has. Instead double clicking a track will just play the track and make the album the playlist, we now get a popup menu. Choosing ‘Play Now’ will insert the whole album into the current playlist, making it a mess.

And that is not even the worst: the old core problems are not solved. Still the occasional dropout, and it is still NOT GAPLESS! OMG, what have they been doing the whole year? Instead of fixing a system that was almost good, they even made everything worse. Changing things just introduces new problems, so instead of reducing the number of problems, they just increased the number of problems this way.

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