Beta software for Roomplayer released

Simple Audio has released a v2.1 beta of their software for the Roomplayer. They recognize the problems with their v2.0 release. Also instructions are provided to revert back to v1.3. I do not think that is necessary, as it seems that v2.1 is essentially v1.3 with the new look. Direct SMB support in the Roomplayer is again removed and UPnP support is restored. So in short we are back at the same point we were in october last year when v1.3 was released. I do not know what to think of all this. Direct SMB support in the Roomplayer was not a bad idea, it only needed some more work. Also the UPnP support is a good thing, but this also needs some work to iron out the problems at the app side (Roomplayer works fine with UPnP).

At the end of last year I already offered my services through the importer network, and although they were very interested at first, I did not hear anything from them anymore. Later we learned that the company was sold to Corsair. As we are getting close to the end of this year I will say it again. If you need an experienced software developer, you know where to look.

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