Dynamic Resolution Enhancement (Update)

After my initial success with Dynamic Resolution Enhancement (see this post) it proved to be more difficult than anticipated. With some albums it worked great, but with most it gave issues. After a lot of testing and improving the program I am at the point that it now works properly with most albums, expect the ones with serious clipping. However to solve the problems there are now 2 parameters, so it does not work automatically as the original goal was. For one parameter I have made an evaluation function, but this means the track needs to be scanned in advance. For the other parameter I still need to find a good solution to integrate it into the program.

To solve the final problem with the seriously clipped tracks, I am going to make a de-clipper. Speaking about de-clipping, the maker of Perfect Declipper uses one same track I also used for testing, “The Day That Never Comes” by Metallica, from the notorious bad sounding album “Death Magnetic”. A strange choice considering this track does not clip, but is only seriously compressed. Please judge for yourself which system works best. You can find the original (level corrected) and de-clipped version on the Audio samples page on the Perfect Declipper site. You can download the DRE version here.

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