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New software for Simple Audio Roomplayer this summer

Inside sources say that Simple Audio will release brand new software for its Roomplayer this summer. All feedback from dealers and customers will be taken into account, so hopefully this will solve the pending problems (see my review some posts … Continue reading

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Misconceptions about my work and product

From reading threads and posts on the Meridian Unplugged forum it is clear there are many misconceptions about my work and product. The main problem is that they do not have the facts straight, so any discussion is meaningless. I … Continue reading

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Reboot your device after uploading any firmware

This is an important notice to everyone who is doing tests with different firmwares on Meridian devices: reboot your device (turning it off and on again using the power switch) after uploading any firmware. Otherwise it may not sound as … Continue reading

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Evaluation of different revisions of DSP-C

We have been testing different revisions of DSP-C after we discovered that C00044 sounds so much different from the newer revisions, which are sounding dull by comparison. Not only Trifield is affected, all sound appears to go through DSP-C. In … Continue reading

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