Revelation One Filter

The best bang for your buck upgrade for your Meridian device!

The Revelation One filter will replace Meridians linear or apodizing filter in their products that support upsampling. See below for a list of supported products.

Read here what other customers say about the Revelation One filter.

List of compatible products and firmwares

Product Firmware Main File
G08.1 v1.0 g08_data_1_00.mfu
G61 v1.02 G61_102.mfu
G61R v1.01 G61R_101.mfu
G68 v1.44
800.3 v2.51 800_251.mfu
800.4 v2.72 800_272.mfu
808.1 v2.73 808_273.mfu
861.3 v3.51 861_351.mfu
568.2 v2.5b9 568_25b9.mfu


  • You need a PC or laptop running Windows, or a Mac using Parallels (or similar) or bootcamp.
  • You need to have the Meridian Firmware Upload tool (WinFUP.exe) installed. You can obtain it through the Meridian Common Installer.
  • You need to have the above mentioned firmware installed in your Meridian device.
  • You need to have a copy of the firmware files available or at least the mentioned main file.


The price is only €399 (excl. VAT).
Customers within the EU have to pay VAT, according to EU regulations.
Please contact me if you want to purchase the Revelation One filter.

22 Responses to Revelation One Filter

  1. Peter Ng says:


    I’m quite interested in your Revelation One filter.

    I have a Meridian G68. The firmware was recently updated from v1.44 to v1.5
    Recently, my dealer offered me a used 861 V4 for US$3.1k.
    I think that the price is good.

    However, after reading your posts, I would like your opinion on the following:

    (1) If I’m getting the Revelation One filter, should I upgrade to 861 V4 with Rev One filter ? Will this sound better than the G68 with Rev One filter ? If not much difference, I might as well save the money for other things.

    (2) Will the updates of the DSP speaker firmware affect the overall sound ? I am using DSP6000 as main L/R, DSP5500 as the Centre, and DSP5000 as the rears. My listening is 50/50 for Music and movies. I am using the Oppo 95 (Modwright mod) via HD621 for movies, and via RCA to Processor for CDs. My Sub is an analogue one – the SVS PB13 Ultra.

    (3) How does the purchase of the Revelation One filter work? I understand I will need to downgrade my firmware – which I may not have the older versions. Also, will your filter be sent to me via email?

    (4) Do I ignore alll Meridian firmware updates? As updating to those firmwares may negate the Revelation One filter.


    • Mr Apodizer says:

      Thanks for your interest in the Revelation One filter. To answer your questions:

      1) I have never compared the G68 with the 861v4 myself, but I believe that digital performance (with DSP speakers) is pretty much the same. Analog performance will most likely be better with the 861v4. I know George Mills has compared different processors in the past and he did not hear any difference when used with DSP speakers.
      The difference between the various processors people on the Meridian Unplugged forum claim to hear is most likely caused by the different revision of DSP-C that came with the firmwares at that time, see the articles Meridian’s troubles with Trifield and Evaluation of different revisions of DSP-C.

      2) The latest firmwares for DSP speakers do certainly affect the sound, especially the lows. I do recommend these new firmwares though.

      3) You can order the filter online, see section “Online Purchase” on this page. For the G68 you need firmware v1.44 (the latest one that was freely available through the Meridian setup app). The app to install the filter will be sent by email with instructions how to use it (which is very easy!).

      4) I do not believe we will ever see new firmwares for the G68 or 861v4, and even the latest one (v1.5 for G68, v6.03 for the 861) is quite useless (see my comment here). I would not worry about this.

  2. Peter Ng says:

    Thanks for your response. So it seems like M has taken us for a ride by using software to differentiate their products.

    (a) I’m wondering if you could point me to the link where I can get version 1.44 for G68 (mine is now 1.5). Alternatively, could you email me?

    (b) Still a little divided if I should upgrade to the 861V4 before getting your filter. My CD is playing via the Analogue section (RCA in to G68).

    (c) I am assuming that installing your filter is reversible, and repeatable, just in case.

    (d) How is the improvement of your filter for movies? I’m using the HD621 — so I think I read somewhere I have to avoid upsampling in the HD621 – can you confirm this?

  3. Mr Apodizer says:

    (a) The official route nowadays is through your Meridian dealer. Alternatively you can ask on the Meridian Unplugged forum, there is always someone who can and will help you (usually through PM).

    (b) I do not understand why you have connected your CD analog to the G68. I strongly recommend to use a digital connection to avoid unnecessary digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversions. Also using the analog input of the G68 bypasses the up-sample filter, because the ADC already samples at high simple rate.

    (c) Yes.

    (d) The improvement is at least as good, if not better for movies. So yes, you would have to disable upsampling in the HD621 to enjoy the benefits of the Revelation One filter in the G68 or 861.

  4. Dennis Waugh says:

    My G68J currently has firmware G68_144a.mfu, the unofficial firmware and I am happy with the sound.
    I was considering upgrading to the new official M firmware when I came across your blog and I am now reconsidering my options.

    Would the Revelation One filter offer sound a improvement over my existing firmware and would I need to re install the official firmware G68_144.mfu.


    • Mr Apodizer says:

      Yes, the Revelation One filter improves considerable over the Meridian apodizing filter, which you are currently using through the ‘unofficial’ firmware update. Please read what other customers are saying about it through the link on the top of this page.

      You need the original G68_144.mfu file to install the filter.

  5. Dennis Waugh says:

    Thank you for the reply.

    After reading all the posts and in preparation of installing the Revelation filter, I have replaced the DSPC c00052.mfu file with c00044 and noticed a positive improvement to the dynamics of the sound.

    I will install the original G68_144.mfu file and look forward to installing your filter.



  6. Colin Yamey says:

    I am interested in buying your filter but have a few questions.

    1. You do not list an 861 V6 above. Does that mean the filter cannot be applied to a V6. I have the latest Meridian software installed.

    2. I use an ID40 for listening to music. Will your filter be used in that case?

    3. I have read in your blog that you recommend using DSP C00044. I understand that that applies to Trifield but does it sound better in other modes, specifically Stereo.

    Thank you


    • Mr Apodizer says:

      1) The 861v6 is almost identical to the 861v4, which is confirmed by the fact the latest firmware runs on both. So yes, the filter can be applied to the v6.

      2) The firmware of the 861 does not seem to contain any Sooloos code considering v6.03 is identical in size to v4.25 and it does not contain any new dsp files. So most likely the ID40 is an independent system and just acts as a separate source to the 861. Therefor I think its output will follow the same path as all other sources and so also the filter will be used. However, I do not know this for sure, we will need to try this out.
      Update: After testing the above reasoning turns out to be correct, so an ID40 in the 861v6 is the best way to enjoy Sooloos with the Revelation One filter.

      3) DSP-C has influence on ALL modes, not only on Trifield. This is also what surprised us the most. So yes, it also applies to stereo.

  7. Planetshaker says:

    Thanks Erwin.
    What you have done is pretty amazing. Got to give that to you. I’m hearing new info from the discs I’ve played. More lifelike staging. Accurate timbers.

  8. Rémy says:

    Hello Erwin ,

    Since the begining , I use for my G68 , your filter with the 1.44.mfu firmware . I saw on your blog that your filter works now with the Meridian official 1.5.mfq firmware .

    It is new? It’s worth to try it ?



    • Mr Apodizer says:

      In my experience all new firmwares seem to be optimized somehow for the apodizing filter, and my filter works better with the firmwares that were intended for the linear filters. I am still using v1.44 myself, but you can always give v1.5 a try if you wish.

  9. Roger says:

    Hello Erwin,

    I’m considering giving your Revelation One filter a try in my 861v4.
    I’m currently running Meridian fw v6.03 and have reverted to DSP-C 044 with very good results.

    Do I understand correctly, for best results, I would have to revert to v4.25 (and continue to use DSP-C 044) to use your Revelation One filter?

    Regards and thanks from New York,

    • Mr Apodizer says:

      Hi Roger,

      Personally I am using the old firmware (v1.44) in my G68, but results may be different for the 861. Since the filter installer supports both v4.25 and v6.03 for the 861, you can try them both to test what works best for you. I would simply start with v6.03 though.

  10. Tasos Petous says:

    Hi Erwin
    I’m giving serious thought to using your Revelation One filter in my Meridian 800 V4 DAX. Im finally getting around to updating the firmware to 2.73. Is that compatible with your filter?

    Many thanks

  11. Tasos Petous says:

    Hi again Erwin
    I’m going to be taking in my 800 DAX V4 to a dealer to have the firmware upgraded. He let me know he’d be installing the 808.1 firmware 2.73. I have no idea if that means that the Revelation One filter will work with my 800 in the same way it’d work with a 808.1.
    Just to confirm, I will need a copy of the firmware files available? How would I get those? I am presuming that the dealer won’t give them to me.

    Thanks for your help, Tas

    • Mr Apodizer says:

      I would be very surprised if it would be possible to load the firmware for the 808.1 into the 800.4 … that would only work if those 2 machines are identical, which is of course quite possible. But the 808.1 v2.73 firmware is supported in the Rev One installer, so that is no problem.

      Just to confirm, I will need a copy of the firmware files available?


      How would I get those?

      They are available in the community.

  12. Kevin says:

    Hello I’m interested in this filter, I have a 861v4 that has been upgraded to a v6, can I still apply this to my unit? Thank you

    • Mr Apodizer says:

      Yes, the RevOne filter can be used on any 861v4, 861v6 and 861v8.

      • Kevin says:

        Thank you! What is the best way to find out what 861 and version of firmware that is currently installed in my unit? Sorry for the newbie question!

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Mr Apodizer says:

        With the 861 in standby, press the More button to bring up the menu. Then press version repeatedly to display the different info lines.

        Alternatively you can use the firmware upload tool on the PC and press the Identify button. You will need this tool anyway to install the RevOne filter, so it’s a good exercise to see if you can get that to work.

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